Makes Perfect Sense

Once diet and exercise are incorporated your mind will be clear and able to 


I do.

I believe, beyond a shadow of a doubt that YOU have the ability to fulfill your dreams.
I have CLARITY. I see your success. I see you accomplishing your goals.
My role is to see you as you will be.
I will believe in you - even if you cannot believe in yourself.
You are not broken, needy, powerless, unable, are powerful and completely capable of reaching your dreams. 
My role is to hold onto your vision for you,
to be your   DREAMCATCHER!
And to give you the tools to get there.
"Oh, what a tangled web we weave, when first we practice to decieve..."
Sir Walter Scott

Are you deceiving yourself?

Are you telling yourself you can handle it....and taking on far too many tasks and responsibilities that you cannot manage without compromising your own peace and sanity?
We can all be guilty of packing too much into life
and being unable to fulfill all the expectations we have assigned to ourselves.
Like being tangled in a web, you feel stuck. 
The biggest deception is that you think you can handle it,
but at what cost?
Is there time for you?
Do you know who you are?
Have you become someone else?
Someone you don't like very much?
Are there too many arguments at home?
Do you ever have time to really do what you want to do?
If you are feeling unfulfilled, there is hope, 
there are steps you can take with others
to bring you to a place
where you will live
a healthy life
You can break free
But not alone.
Consider this...
Even if you are able to break free of the things holding you in a complicated web,
you will continue making the same mistakes until someone helps you to change those patterns that are consistently bringing you back to the same web!
Because YOU are the spider!!