Freedom Brides is a totally different experience.

Aside from our fabulous designer gown collections on the previous tab,

we also carry many other gowns to fit your budget needs.

Visit our lovely Bridal Salon, established at my homestead to keep costs down.

We are located on top of a stunning valley in the hills of Escondido, in North San Diego County.

Bring your favorite people to help you to select your perfect gown.

Patio seating is available for health-sensitive guests.

This is your day.

Make your bridal gown memories with Freedom Brides, where there are no rules and no rush!

We always offer one-on-one personal attention in lengthy, no-stress, private appointments.

We can accommodate every bride's wishes.


Luxurious designer gowns for the extravagant bride. $2000 - $4000

Fabulous designer mermaids with long exotic lace trains for brides who like to be remembered. $1000 -$1999

Simple, elegant, designer gowns for the unique, one-of -a-kind bride. $999

Consignment, gently used and last season gowns for the for the budget conscious bride. $100 - $699

Rental gowns for the supremely gorgeous yet practical bride. $400 - $800

Packages include a free veil and free alterations. A $500 Value.


We make you shine!

What makes Freedom Brides so special?

Freedom  Brides is a uniquely you, North San Diego area Bridal Salon. We carry new designer gowns in the latest styles at a fraction of the retail prices. You will not find our gowns or impeccable service in town. We are artistically different than any typical bridal gown store in many ways. Freedom Brides is a local small business. We make the rules with no corporate policies to hold us back.
We have the Freedom to make you shine!
Pricing ~
We offer low prices to savvy brides who want to save money without compromising their look.  You can now afford any dress you want and we will stay within your budget, without pressure to spend more - or we will rent you the gown of your dreams!
We also offer fabulous discounts on consignment gowns and more economical gowns. For the thrifty bride we even offer rental gowns in all of our collections!
Bridal Gown Packages, Veils and Alterations~
Our gowns may be bought alone, or in a package that includes a complementary plain veil of any length.
Custom veils are created in our salon with  lace appliques precisely matching the gown, or luxurious beads and sequins. Brides are encouraged to design their own veil with our expert help. 
Our Bridal Gown Packages also include free alterations! This saves our brides several hundreds of dollars and up to over one thousand dollars, often the price of the gown!
Alterations are completed on site, saving many trips for the bride. Several ftttings may be accomplished on the same afternoon with our "while-you-wait" service. More complicated alterations are sent to our affiliate in San Marcos.
We work intimately with our brides to customize their perfect, dream look. Nothing you require is too difficult, too outrageous, or too small for us. Our attention to detail is why our brides love us and refer us to their friends. We can create anything you wish.
We never rush our brides or get pushy when it comes to choosing a gown. Our appointments are lengthy, without pressure and friendly, whether you buy from us or not. 
When  it comes to our elite gowns, we have a proven track record with our designers and fabricators. We  provide top quality fabrics, immaculate hand-sewn beading, exotic laces, excellent craftmanship and perfectly fitting dresses, created by people we trust. 
Again we are able to outdo other stores by saving lots of time on ordering your gown. Our manufacturing department has many gowns available, ready-to-ship or in production just waiting for you. Rush orders are available for an additional fee. The absolute longest you will wait for a special ordered, custom gown is 5 months. 
Dreaded Failures~
Unlike all the other stores...Freedom Brides offers returns!
When mistakes happen, which they do, we are here to help you. We have often exchanged a gown when a bride has changed her mind on the style she ordered. We have accommodated mothers who insist on buying their daughter a high-end gown and want to discard the first choice completely . We have spent a lot of extra time and money helping a bride who unexpectedly became pregnant!  Sometimes this means ordering 2 or 3 extra gowns to see which one fits best at the time of the wedding.
These things we do happily for you!
Freedom Brides takes all the risk out of Bridal Gown shopping.
We guarantee your satisfaction... the first time.

Don't shop online for the dress of your lifetime!



You are free to choose from our abundant selections and options:

NEW GOWNS ~ designer gowns up to 75% off retail.

USED GOWNS gently used, demo gowns, returns, with even more discounts!

CUSTOM GOWNS  ~ Customize your gown with your own designs.

RENTAL GOWNS ~  most are $400, exotic gowns $600,  luxurious gowns $800

LAYAWAY ~ with just 20% down.

CHANGE YOUR MIND? ~  No problem!

We always offer one-on-one personal attention in private appointments. No rush, no time limits.