Can you really afford your dream gown?

Yes! You can!

At Freedom Brides we are committed to every bride leaving with her perfect gown and feeling as stunning as a real princess.


If your budget is keeping you from your dream gown, then we have solutions.


Aside from our fancy financing, with no interest Layaway, we offer any gown as a rental gown.

That's right, you heard it from us directly. Any gown you choose may be rented at a fraction of the purchase price. Ask for details.

For example; high-end, luxury gowns are easily over $4000 to purchase. We rent them for 1/3 of the purchase price.  Economy gowns are still high quality. They can be super inexpensive when rented. 

Choose your gown from our large selection of in-stock gowns, or order your own perfectly fitted gown. The rental price is due when you request or order the gown. It will be held for only you. It will not be rented prior to your wedding, so there's no risk of it being damaged or not brought back. 

You'll pay an equal deposit when you collect the gown which is fully refundable when the gown is safely returned. Usually there is no deduction if you are careful with the gown. 

The rental term is 72 hours, giving you plenty of time to assign a family member to return it and arrange your deposit to be refunded.

It's that easy!